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  • village of Zadov
  • 41 apartments
  • timeless architecture
  • popular ski resort
  • outdoor parking
  • plentiful storage space
  • ski locker/ bike storage


Building mountain apartments

is a special type of construction work.

Usually, they are built by individuals and resemble the construction of an ordinary house, with all its deficiencies and errors which often become apparent once you’ve moved in. We want to offer you something extra: a high-quality building with well thought-out architecture, the result of team work between many experts, services associated with running apartments and houses, as well as a good quality sales team, legal and financial guarantees and adapted mortgage services.

We would like to offer you a different approach. We are a strong and experienced developer which builds, among other projects, apartment blocks. We have already built one set of apartments in Kvilda itself, and we are working on further mountain housing projects. When preparing the Maxmilián apartments, we built on our 25 years of consistent experience in residential development while also ensuring that the project’s architecture and standards were in harmony with the style of picturesque mountain architecture and of the Šumava region itself.

For this reason, we focused on natural materials for the façade, composed of wood and stone cladding, with some gabion cladding units. The traditional gabled roof gives the building a mountain look, and also conceals attic space for each maisonette apartment. The standard finishes have been chosen to respect a natural, minimalist style.


Up to 69,030 hectares of heavenly peace and quiet, at an altitude ranging from 600 to 1,1378 metres. The countryside is packed with cycling paths, hiking trails, cross-country skiing tracks and downhill ski slopes, but you can also find whole areas where you won’t meet a living soul on one of your walks.

Deep forests, sun-drenched meadows, ice-cold streams – even in the August heat - hidden in the ferns, tall blueberry bushes covered in berries, moss-covered grey granite boulders, clear glacier lakes, river beds full of pebbles and mossy bogs… That’s the Šumava region in summer.

In the winter, when everything is covered by a veil of snow, it’s more mysterious but just as charming. It’s no surprise that it is now under UNESCO protection. The Šumava countryside is simply unique. You can have a great time in the Šumava region with your friends or meditate in the silence – a luxury you won’t find anywhere else.

Apartment upkeep

We would like to offer you services concerning the upkeep of the apartment whose purchase you are considering. You’re tired after a trip, you’re coming back from a cycling trip to the sources of the Vltava river or from Poledník and you want to come back to a tidy and aired apartment? Do you only use your apartment for part of the season? We won’t just rent it out for you, but we’ll also look after it while you’re away.

Services provided

  • Cleaning service
  • Minor maintenance (odd jobs)
  • Watering plants
  • Heating the apartment before your arrival

Apartment rental

Are you thinking about buying an apartment, but you already know that you have a favourite season that you’d like to spend here? You’re saying to yourself “what about the rest of the year which is fully booked?” So rent out your apartment! We’ll help you out and find a tenant for you, conclude the rental contract and administer the rental fees.

Services provided

  • Administration of rental contracts and reservation system
  • Search for suitable tenants and conclude a rental contract
  • Ensure the hand-over of the apartment with the tenant before and after the stay

The services mentioned above are paying services. The extent of services is not binding. The prices of individual services will be calculated based on a real demand (all interested parties will be presented with a range of services offered and a calculation based on a model number of clients). The prices of individual services will be based on normal prices and will depend further on the size of the demand. The developer reserves the right to run services only in the event that there is sufficient interest in them.


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Car parking is available on the premises.

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